February 2022 Claim Accountability Insights

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Join us every month on LinkedIn for Claim Accountability Insights with Nokomis! We’re sharing more about what Claim Accountability is, the impact it has, and how we can work together to improve accountability in healthcare claim submissions.

This month, we explored the following topics:

How does Nokomis' Claim Accountability review differ from other payment integrity vendors?

We don’t decide which claims to review by dollar amount, but instead focus on multiple points of review before requesting medical records. All completed reviews are supported by external requirements, guidelines, and rules as well. View the full video answer.

What does the Nokomis claim review process entail? How does Nokomis decide when to request records?

We combine our proprietary ClaimWise™ technology with our team’s expertise to intelligently and comprehensively review claims, regardless of dollar amount--an approach we call Claim Accountability. View the full video answer.

Do the savings that Nokomis finds really stick? What percentage of claims are refiled or appealed?

We have no fees or monthly minimums and plans only pay a percentage of the savings that we identify. Our long-term savings stick, with 99.3% of denials seeing no refiling. View the full video answer.

What is an example of the impact of Claim Accountability for one of our clients?

Learn how we find inaccuracies in claims that might look okay at face value, and how that leads to savings for our clients: view the full video answer.

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