Get to know Nokomis in 5 minutes or less

Nokomis team sitting around a conference table

Welcome to Nokomis! We’re a close-knit community of individuals who radically believe that health plans should only pay for services that actually occurred. We actually believe in our mission so much, that we analyze health plan claims at no charge, and Nokomis is only paid when the plan saves money, at a percentage of those savings. While we’d enjoy the time to give you all the ins and outs of our work and what makes us a trusted claims review service, we know you’re busy so we’ll start with our “elevator pitch” below. If you’re interested in getting to know us better, you can always email us at

Who we are

Nokomis was founded in 2013 on the principle that there’s a smarter and more accurate way to identify billing errors in the healthcare system. Our founder, Rich Henriksen, started Nokomis after spending his entire career learning from and making contributions in both the provider side and the health plan side of the business. In that vein, Nokomis was founded with a deep understanding of the challenges facing all healthcare stakeholders when it comes to claims processing, including providers, plans, and members.

We say we’re a close-knit team, because we truly are. The Nokomis team is composed of highly skilled individuals with years of industry experience. We candidly like to think of ourselves as a claims review “Navy SEALs” team–agile, experienced, and highly-specialized. We value integrity, positivity, and impact for our clients, and work hard to set a new standard in payment honesty.

Our services

We offer a comprehensive suite of payment integrity products including claim review, fraud monitoring and detection, repricing, consulting, audit, and reinsurance claim adjudication and management. Together with the power of our proprietary ClaimWise™ system, we provide services that improve payment accuracy, increase compliance, and generate long-term savings.

With the power of ClaimWise™, we are able to review every line of every medical claim for accuracy and completeness, regardless of the claim amount. Our primary goal is to enhance claim payment accuracy and save plans money by finding errors, duplications, and fraud. Our team has worked extensively with both payors and providers, so we are able to identify errors that other claim review companies neglect to find. You can learn more about our services here.

Benefits and outcomes

For Payors

Let us start by reiterating that we’re a team-forward company. We understand that your team matters to you, just like ours matters to us. One of our top priorities is minimizing member disruption and ensuring seamless integration on our end. That’s one of the reasons we offer claims reviews without recurring fees or minimum, so we only get paid if you save money. Nokomis’ ClaimWise™ saves plans an average of $20 PMPM (per member, per month) with little to no disruption by ensuring claim accuracy on every claim. Payors can expect consistent savings and a strong team to support any of their additional needs. For more information on potential savings, check out our “claim of the week” every week on LinkedIn.

For Members

When a provider bills codes in error and for services that are not supported, the plan often pays, but so do members. Through deductibles and coinsurance, member patients pay the first several hundred dollars in claims and may be responsible for up to several thousand in out-of-pocket costs. If claims are denied due to inappropriate coding or unsupported services being billed, members benefit directly by reducing their share of the claim liability.

Certainly in lower-dollar claims, which might be the first claims made on behalf of a member in a given benefit period, avoiding inappropriate claims means that members will likely have lower out of pocket costs. For larger claims, patients would also be spared the cost-sharing expense on inappropriate billings, delaying or avoiding altogether some of their out-of-pocket spending.
Without member or provider disruption, Nokomis discovers claim inaccuracies of all sizes to immediately secure savings for health plans. Email to learn more about how Nokomis provides personalized, efficient solutions to bring accuracy and savings to health plan claims payments.