Winning the Battle on Health Care Costs

Health Care Interview

Industry conferences generally illuminate growing trends and broad, often brilliant ideas. Distinguished presenters glide through slides and issues providing probable causes and ideal answers. One can almost feel the enthusiasm ricocheting off the walls of Ballroom A… We’re going to make it after all!

At the same time, conferences often reiterate common themes. Through no fault of the presenter – the deck is redundant and duplicative – (like those two words right there) centering on the tried and true, generally accepted, rarely challenged hurdles like cost transparency, over-utilization and/or member engagement. The energy wanes and the size of the challenge at hand – feels insurmountable. .

At Nokomis, we cut right to the chase: medical claims cost savings, risk free. While we champion and support the larger, complex, altruistic healthcare fixes – we’re acting right now, directly impacting your financial statement. We’re reviewing claims at an astonishing pace, allowing us to dig deeper and uncover savings in the farthest corners of your claim files.

We’ve heard enough about the complex challenges that it almost feels like double-digit healthcare inflation is a foregone conclusion. So, we’ve done something about it. Nokomis is an immediate and tangible solution to rising costs. Thanks to our unique combination of our custom-built claim review engine ClaimWise™ and our experienced staff, we’re winning the battle on health care inflation.

Nokomis is not an all-inclusive, end-all, be-all answer to our common struggle. We still need the bold thinkers and exotic plan designers. But we also need Steady Eddie, who’s on the front line, right there in your operating expenses – cutting out your medical claims costs by 5% or more. Welcome to Nokomis.

Author: Tony Weldon, Director of Sales