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Improve accountability in healthcare claim submissions

We integrate intelligent claim selection with our team’s expert reviews.

The Claim Accountability difference with Nokomis

We combine our proprietary ClaimWise™ technology with our team’s expertise to intelligently and comprehensively review claims, regardless of dollar amount—an approach we call Claim Accountability.


We independently review claims:

  • using technology & human expertise
  • that might look okay at face value
  • regardless of dollar amount
  • before payment
  • in one business day
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We tailor our claims management services to fit your needs.

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Claim Review

Our unique combination of ClaimWise™ technology and experienced reviewers finds claim inaccuracies that others miss, regardless of dollar amount.

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Out of Network Claims

If you prefer to have us only focus on your out-of-network claims, we offer that as a stand alone partnership too.

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We’ve worked in health plans, so we understand the process of adding a new vendor and we’re here to make implementation as easy as possible.


Why Choose Nokomis?


We save plans an average of 9%.


Our long-term savings stick, 99.3% of denials see no refiling.

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Claim of the Week: $42,928 Saved

A 17-year-old female had back surgery. Her provider submitted a claim for $42,928 for neuromonitoring. The claim was completely inaccurately…

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Medical physician wearing gloves analyzing a medical sample in a test tube

Claim of the Week: $2,233 Saved

A lab test was performed for a genetic screening of prostate cancer. The plan would have paid $2,233, but after…

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Claim of the Week: $7,266

A 60-year-old patient presented to an ER with COVID symptoms. Their health plan would have paid $8,659, but after reviewing…

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Nokomis was founded in 2013

to ensure Claim Accountability in the healthcare system. Our team has first-hand experience working in and with health plans and Health & Welfare Trusts.