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Setting a New Standard in Claim Review

Nokomis Health is known for its innovative and knowledge-based approach to identifying medical claim savings for payors.
We built our claim review engine from the ground up so that we could incorporate the best industry standards, analytical thinking and comprehensive methods for conducting claim reviews. Our proprietary claim review engine, ClaimWiseTM, is designed to be the best in the industry.

Along with ClaimWiseTM, we employ a highly skilled and experienced team of certified coders, claim analysts, and medical professionals who have a deep understanding of claims, claim systems, coding, billing, and reimbursement. Our comprehensive suite of services supports payors and health plans throughout their entire claim adjudication process, leading to increased savings and proper claim payments.

We are here to prove that there is a better way to ensure payment accuracy, every time, on every claim.

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Services Overview

We tailor our claim management services to fit your needs.
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Claim Review

We provide retrospective and concurrent claim review services.

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We conduct payor and plan audits to ensure data accuracy and identify risk areas.

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As industry experts, we offer a wide variety of consulting services to payors and health plans.

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Out of Network Claims

We reduce out of network claim costs through claim negotiations and partnerships with travel and specialty networks.

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Industry Statistics


Total health spending in America adds up to $3.0 trillion (18% of GDP).


As many as 80% of medical bills presented by hospitals and other healthcare providers contain errors.


Amount U.S. healthcare system loses annually to fraud, waste and abuse.

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