Managing high-cost air-ambulance claims

Nokomis Health | Cadillac Tax

Nokomis recently reduced the cost of a $100,000 air ambulance claim by 76%.  As a national leader in payment integrity and claim support services, Nokomis once again demonstrated a unique understanding of a very nuanced and expensive corner of healthcare services.

There are often several problems with air ambulance claims:  high charges, incorrect mileage, and unsupported codes create erroneous bills that often go unchecked.  Nokomis calls upon its experienced analysts and researchers to review and recalibrate a more reasonable and defensible rate for these services.  We certainly recognize the need for air transport, but at the same time we prevent payors from paying extraordinary fees by uncovering charges that can be 15 or more times greater than Medicare.

Nokomis’ proprietary ClaimWiseTM system reviews millions of claims annually.  Our efficient claim engine frees up staff to explore opportunities like air ambulance for a deeper understanding of these significant charges that otherwise generally go unchallenged.

Various state and federal regulators are trying to create some level of regulation related to excessive healthcare charges. We are hopeful that they will be successful in establishing a more innovative and equitable system regarding air ambulance claims.  In the meantime, Nokomis once again has found an impactful and immediate solution to one of healthcare’s pressing issues.

Author: Tony Weldon, Director of Sales