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Medical Coding 101 – Insights, Challenges and Standard Practices

May 2021
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Nokomis Health | Medical Coding 101

Q&A WITH NOKOMIS DIRECTOR OF CODING ANNE KARL What are CPT Codes? As you may know, every procedure code on a claim is tied into a dollar amount. So if a coder miscodes something, the provider could be paid for a code that isn’t supported by the documentation or the clinic may be losing reimbursement…

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How Do You Become an Expert Medical Coder?

December 2020
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Nokomis Health | Director of Coding Anne Karl

INTERVIEW WITH DIRECTOR OF CODING ANNE KARL How did you get into coding? My father was a family practice physician and I’ve always been drawn to that world. When I came out of school the traditional job for an RHIA (Registered Health Information Administrator) was to be the Director of Medical Records in a hospital setting, but…

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